Body Language: 6 Best Tips For Midlife

Body language and what it's telling you

What is your partner really trying to tell you?  Or what are you telling him without knowing it?

Your ability to interpret and use body language to emphasise your secret intention, is a crucial aspect to human interaction.

If you are trying to learn more about about each other by recognising body language, know that there is no hard and fast formula.  Above all, there is really only one way to understand your man and that is to understand the individual.


Here are 6 body language tips to help your midlife relationship survive and develop irresistible self-confidence:

1. Eyes

Probably the most telling of all the body language signs.  We tend to only maintain eye contact for 60-70% of the time. Keeping good eye contact shows respect and interest in what your partner has to say.  As a result, they will feel comfort and genuine warmth when they are with you.

2. Posture

This is the next thing to master.  Notice how they are standing or sitting.  If they are feeling down or sad, chances are they’ll be slouched with shoulders dropping forwards. This posture collapses the chest and inhibits good breathing.  Stand or sit up straight and you’ll feel better almost instantly.

3. Head

An interesting one.  If your partner is looking up and forward,  they are feeling confident and self-assured.  To be taken seriously, they’ll use the straight head position.  

If you want to be friendly and receptive, tilt your head to the side, just a little.  By shifting your head from side to side during a conversation, you are indicating that you are interested in what your partner has to say. 

4. Body Angle

The angle of the body is relative to attitude and feeling.  We naturally lean towards people we find friendly, interesting or attractive and angle ourselves away from those we don’t.  Your partner will definitely notice this.

5. Arms

A great indicator of how open and receptive you are to people you interact with.  Show your man that you are not scared and are willing to participate by keeping your arms by your sides or behind you back.   If you are an outgoing type of person, your arms will make bigger movements. 

Your arms won’t move too far from your body if you are more of an introvert.  Try and balance where you place your arms.  Crossing your arms is not an option if you want to avoid hostility in your relationship.  By all means, cross them if you intend to show your disapproval.

6. Legs

Probably the hardest part of the body to consciously control.  Nervousness, stress and being deceptive will make you move around more.  For that reason, try and keep still in unsettling situations.  If you do cross your legs, how do you cross them?  At the knees, ankles or do you bring your leg up to rest it on the other knee?  This will happen when you or your partner are relating something that is questionable.


There is a whole lot more to learn about body language like spatial relations, how you listen to your partner and all the different ways of smiling.

Being aware and changing your body language, even slightly, will have an amazing impact on your relationship.

For more practical tips on how to use and understand body language, please check out this video.

MidLife Survival Secret #46


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