Romance In Midlife: 10 More Easy Ways

Romance In Midlife: Couple On Beach

When midlife is upon you and you feel your relationship is stagnating, it’s up to you to find new and exciting ways to keep the romance alive.  Here are 10 more easy ways to get more romance in midlife, that don’t cost a fortune:


Make Every Day Feel Special

You don’t have to wait for special events to make your husband or boyfriend feel special.

Treat every day like it’s your anniversary by making him feel loved, respected and valued.

Capture your husband’s attention with this!

Random acts of thoughtfulness can go a long way.

Send Tender Text Messages 

Although they might be busy at work, men secretly like that you are thinking of them when they’re not around.

Take a minute or two to send him sweet and tender text messages (save the sexy, naughty ones for a later).

For example, “Love you baby! Hope your meeting goes well,” or “Can’t wait to come home to you tonight. I miss you!”

Buy Him Two Tickets 

What’s his favorite sports team? Is it the Lakers or the Yankees?

This is an all-time winner and will make him feel that he’s doing something right in your relationship.

This might not sound like a terribly romantic thing to do, but midlife romance is all about taking action.

Pack a Picnic 

This sounds a bit lame but everyone loves an opportunity to be romantic.

Plan a picnic for your man.  Pack something to sit on, his favourite snack foods and a good bottle of wine or ice cold beer – just anything to make him feel loved and cared for.

Bonus tip: Arrange the picnic for around sundown. Nothing sets the stage for a little bit of passion and romance like a sunset.

Try Something New Together

What sport, activity or passion have you always wanted to pursue, especially as a couple?

Make it romantic. Look at it as a chance to bond, and get closer than ever!

For example, take a cooking class, go rowing, go hiking and even bowling.  With a little bit of imagination, any of these can be turned into romantic pursuits.

Try a New Kissing Method

Kissing the same way and in the same style each day can get boring.

Time to try something new – passionate French kissing, Eskimo kissing (kissing by rubbing noses together gently), butterfly kissing (eyes open and standing close enough to flutter your eyelashes up and down, touching) and the Spiderman kiss (he’s upside down, you’re right side up).

Serve Breakfast in Bed

This is a good, honest and kind thing to do.

This romantic gesture will make your partner feel the love all day long.

Surprise Him at Work 

Pop over to your partner’s workplace and surprise him with his favourite takeout!

Just check on his schedule first.  You don’t want to do this if he’s tied up or has lots of work to do in his lunch hour.

Tell your partner you love him and couldn’t stand waiting until the evening to see him.

Focus on Listening (Not Talking)

Actively listen to your man. This is the single best romantic thing you can do as it takes midlife romance to a whole different bonding level.

Be present with him.  It doesn’t cost a thing.

Offer suggestions, ask questions, see if he needs help with anything and find out how you can best support him.

Start inspiring him to re-focus on you!

Connect Through Music

If the mood is tense (your partner is stressed, you’ve had a recent argument, etc.), play some soft music.

Dance with him. Allow whatever comes to come!


Midlife romance needs to be kept simple.  Remind yourself that it’s one of the key secrets for midlife happiness.  When you are regularly romantic, the midlife ‘rough patches will become less frequent.

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