Are You Stuck In A Sex Rut?

Image of couple stuck in a sex rut or going through a 'dry spell'?

Was your sex life once exciting and spontaneous?  Is it now boring and predictable?  Have no fear!  These tips will allow you to determine if you’re in a sex rut or having a ‘dry spell’.

We offer some simple yet exciting ways to make your man more romantic and passionate towards you.


PUT the EXCITEMENT Back Into Your Relationship!

Sex Rut vs. Dry Spell
  • Dry spell – a period of not having as much sex as usual but this bounces back after a week or so.
  • Sex rut – long periods of not having sex at all, or when you do, you’re not excited and don’t feel connected to your partner like you once did.
  • There’s a big difference – Learn how to tell the signs about sex or the lack thereof.  Are you disconnected during sex? It may be the barometer to your midlife relationship connection, outside of your sex life.
  • Focus on boosting your attraction – What makes you feel good? Exercise, eating healthy food, working out in the weight room or trying a new outdoors activity? Encourage your partner to participate with you.
  • Bonus tip – Focus on doing an activity together.  One that gets you sweaty. Then head to the shower together to get clean and then to the bedroom to get sweaty again!
Set the Stage
  • Dress to impress – What did you wear when you first met? Use as much energy now to get ready as you did at the beginning of your relationship.
  • Focus on your attractiveness – Remind your boyfriend or husband just how much you still find him attractive.  Compliment him throughout the day. Whisper a sexy thought and focus on touching them in a playful way. Flirt with your tongue.
  • Dress him to impress him – Plan in advance.  Buy your partner a new shirt for a special date night.  Get dressed up and both go out there feeling confident.  Works wonders for feeling connected.  Who knows where it might lead.
  • Compliments – Make your man feel special with compliments and flattery. While getting ready for your date, focus on your partner. What can you say or do to make him special?
  • Flirt – Have prolonged foreplay during the date by flirting as if you were teenagers. Focus on kissing passionately and using sexy body language. Feed your man a bite of your dinner and suggest naughty things to do after dinner.  Flirting takes on a whole different meaning while out in public.  Build excitement the whole night through.
Flirt Your Heart Out
  • Focus on flirting your heart out! Graze your partner’s neck with your fingertips, steal kisses when no one is looking, order something special for desert that you can share, teach your partner a new kissing technique, whisper observations in his ear like, “Everyone is checking you out; you look so handsome. Well, it’s no wonder –  look at you!”
  • Sit close.  Flirt with your eyes and your touch. Whisper sweet and sexy comments – ones he hasn’t heard you say in a long time. What are some of your first date memories?  Bring him back to life by detailing how you remember your first kiss, or the cute way he smiled the second you laid eyes on him all those years ago – all creative ways to boost your love life.

If you are stuck in a sex rut, there are many ways to get out of it.  It all comes down to being prepared and willing to get your love life back to normal again.  Midlife relationships can always do with a bit of excitement. Excite him by taking the lead on flirtation.  He will be more than willing to follow your lead!

MidLife Survival Secret #41

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